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Spring is on the way!  While we are still tending our Winter garden of rest, we are looking ahead to greener days.  So many of our clients have reached out about our workshops planned for 2024, and we are excited to announce more details in the coming month or so.  As many of you know, we co-own CYANWOOD Natural Lifestyles Center here in Harrisonburg, and our work in both businesses is deeply connected to our own personal natural wellbeing practices, and our commitment to our community and the land we live on.  With plans for expansion of both businesses, we're in a holding pattern of sorts, but still very much here and happy to serve!

Please reach out any time with questions or concerns, or visit Great.Full Goods in Agora Market to browse our hand-made, bioregional, organic and no spray herbal tinctures, salves, soup mixes, wands, eye pillows and more!

Well Wishes,

- Jen and Steph


We are a deeply rooted part of our local ecosystems, organic and no-spray herb farms, and local medicine makers community.  We mindfully craft, and source each ingredient with a commitment to the wellbeing of the greater whole and a commitment to transparency.  We are always happy to answer questions and welcome suggestions for local connections.


From DIY Tincture Kits to start-up home apothecary jars, stir-sticks, tea towels, extracts, menstrums and more - we provide our community with access to high-quality, sustainable home-apothecary supplies to help make natural living and medicine-making easy and affordable.

***We also sanitize and reuse glass bottles in our Home Apothecary Series Workshops, so no need to buy new!***

Blackberry Home Apothecary Series

We are excited to share our knowledge of plants and plant medicine with others, and to invite everyday people, with busy lives, to prioritize whole-person wellness, beginning with themselves and their families.  That is why we share our lessons through the Home Apothecary Series, on Saturday session, every six weeks!


"You should know your lemon balm glycerite is a miracle. I cannot thank you enough. My neck was god awful today. Tried Advil, Tylenol, muscle relaxer, all with no relief. Then I tried your lemon balm - well, an hour later I can turn my head and be functional again! Keep your magic potions coming!" - Lora

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