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Our Herbal Products

The Blackberry Organic Cotton Car/Camping Pillows with lavender sachet.  Handmade in Harrisonburg, these are great for low lumbar support on long drives, and for keeping your camping pillow dry and unsmelly =)$20

The Blackberry Organic Cotton Roll-Up Travel First-Aid Carrier - includes cotton strips for bandages, organic cotton rounds for compresses, and organic cotton pouches for on the spot herbal poultices. Pockets made especially for tinctures and salves $42

The Blackberry Custom Made Car/Camper Hanging Herb Wands #1 BEST SELLER AT RED WING - hook included.  These small herbal creations have a big impact against mildew and odors $15

The Blackberry Spice Grills - herbs for seasonings and dips $5 (Pair with our Sunflower Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar and get a bundle discount!)

Handmade Cotton Macrame Herb Drying Garland - Made here in Harrisonburg, this is our absolute FAVORITE way to dry herbs and wands, and to display photos of ancestors. 5' long, with clips and ties included $58

The Blackberry Branded Tote - Made of 100% recycled materials. If you love our brand and mission, consider this eco-friendly tote for herb picking and mindful foraging $18

The Blackberry Average Salvage

Handmade here in Harrisonburg, this salve soothes all bites, stings, scrapes and minor cuts.  Great for dry skin, cuticles and lips, too. This salve is made WITHOUT tropical oils/butters/essential oils, no spray/organic herbs, and local wax from our farm $12

***SOLD IN 4oz increments***

Chamomile Flower

Lemon Balm Leaf

Peppermint Leaf

Tulsi/Holy Basil Leaf

100% of our dried herbs are sourced from the beautiful Gathered Threads Farm in Roseland, Virginia

Rockbridge Apple Cider Vinegar (Lexington, Virginia)


Garlic Infused

The Blackberry Herbarium Raw Honey

(Harrisonburg, Virginia)

Spring Apple Blossom

Fall Amber

Century Sun Oil, Organic


*This is the most local organic, sustainably made oil in the US!!


Head Space - DIY Tincture Kit

Dream State - DIY Tincture Kit

Spice Grills - Herbal Rub/Dip Kit

Warm Hug - DIY Soup Spice Kit

Home Apothecary Equipment

1 oz Amber Glass tincture bottles, with labels

Glass stir sticks

Gold Tea Cup Strainers w/ drip cup

Gold Funnels w/ Strainer

Gold Tea Clip Scoops


100% Organic Herbal Eye Pillows

organic cotton, printed in US; organic, local lavender, organic flax seed

The Blackberry Herbarium

Custom Crafted Tinctures

organic US grown grain alcohol, organic/no spray herbs, at least 90% locally sourced AND NEVER TROPICAL

The Blackberry Herbarium

Custom Herb Wands and Smudge Sticks

100% Local, no-spray herbs

(NEVER with White Sage or other endangered herbs)

Ivette's All Cotton, hand-made

Herb Drying Garlands 

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